Q. & A. Flor•Essence Tea

Q. – What is Flor•Essence Tea?

A. – FlorEssence Tea is a blend of eight carefully selected herbs that are mixed and processed in a special way, using no alcohol or chemical extraction methods. Certified organically grown herbs are predominantly used and all the herbs are thoroughly tested to be sure there are no contaminants. The formula can be traced back to the Ojibwa Indians of Canada.

Q. – What is the main health value of Flor•Essence Tea?
A. – When taken internally, FlorEssence Tea imparts vital constituents to the body’s natural cleansing activity (which is ongoing), including a 3-way, strong detoxifying and internal cleansing support to the 'processing organs,' liver, kidneys, the 'emunctory organs,' lungs, bowels, urinary tract, skin, the lymphatic system, and finally to the cells of the body. FlorEssence Tea, as one of its major benefits, supports cellular detoxification through additional support of the immune system and macrophage activity. The tea helps balance the functioning of body-systems, improves digestion with continued use (some of the herbs have bitters), and enables the user to feel better faster. There are tonic qualities to many of the herbs, meaning they help bring various body systems into a more natural state of balance, in addition to the body's cleansing activity the formula supports.

Q. – What evidence exists that Flor•Essence Tea is effective?
A. – Since the 1920s when Nurse Rene Caisse first used a version of the tea, many of the users and doctors have validated the remarkable benefits attributed to taking FlorEssence Tea. Oral and written testimonies include reporting of: reduction or lessening of pain, improved recovery from disorders of many kinds, free radical scavenging activity, sleep improvement, a better quality of life in spite of serious physical disorders, and relief from a wide variety of physical problems, and overall health improvement. Dr. Brusch and Rene Caisse warmly referred to it as “re-educating the cells’ activity.”

Q. – What are the eight herbs that are combined and processed to make Flor•Essence Tea?
A. – The herbs that synergistically achieve the remarkable benefits of FlorEssence Tea are organic burdock root, organic sheep sorrel, organic slippery elm bark, watercress, organic blessed thistle, organic red clover blossom, organic rhubarb root, and organic kelp.

Q. – Will I get the same results if I just use the herbs individually?
A. – The herbs have been shown to be more beneficial in combination and help achieve greater results than any of the single herbs used alone. Dr. Charles A. Brusch and Nurse Rene Caisse, the two individuals with the most knowledge of the formulas, proved through over eighty years of research, individually and collectively, that this particular combination of eight herbs is the most effective. According to the research, Dr. Brusch referred to it as the perfected or refined complete formula. They even tried adding other herbs to the mix but results in clinical practice showed the eight herb version to be the most effective over time. (Dr. Brusch had 18 physicians on staff at his Cambridge, Massachusetts clinic.) Although it is true that many of the single herbs and/or their various combinations have usefulness, the version now famously known as FlorEssence Tea is the version that has been shown to be the most effective and with the potential to help the most people.

Q. – Why is detoxification of the body so important for the restoration and maintenance of optimal health?
A. – Although many people are not aware of invisible and often undetected or unrecognized, toxic dangers to health, the fact is that all modern environments contain pollutants. Contaminated soil, water, air, food, and numerous chemical and industrial products used by people regularly as part of industrialized society contribute to the toxic load an individual faces on a daily basis. Toxins are present in automobile exhaust, industrial wastes, spray disinfectants, liquid cleaners, ammonia, bleach, plastic bottles, caffeine, tobacco smoke, ethanol, carbon monoxide, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs. Such noxious substances seep into and accumulate in tissues and organs of the body. Other stresses such as an overload of electromagnetic radiation, sound or light pollution can also affect the physical capability of the body to completely detoxify. When a person’s body accumulates more toxins than it eliminates, that individuals ‘toxic load’ or ‘oxidative load’ increases. FlorEssence Tea, used regularly, helps one to eliminate more toxins than are allowed to accumulate, and one is able to reverse the gradual (or rapid) build-up of body pollution and associated symptoms.

Q. – What are some symptoms of excessive toxins in the body?
A. – A few symptoms are sleeplessness, fatigue, constipation, decreasing energy, irritability, mood swings, allergies, food intolerance, bloating, bowel gas, dull headache, body odor, and bad breath.

Q. – Why do the liver, kidneys, and colon not get rid of toxins that enter the body?
A. – They do eliminate toxins, but they were not designed to handle the quantity and volume of man-made pollutants that unfortunately bombard the human body in modern industrialized environments. The DNA structure of the body may not have developed a mechanism to recognize, then compensate or eliminate the hundreds of thousands of new compounds that did not exist 100 years ago. The DNA, cells, and organs may become overwhelmed, and when that happens, toxins accumulate in the body and can compromise health in a number of different ways depending upon one’s individual strengths and weaknesses, other stress factors, etc.

Q. – What are some of the benefits that can be expected from the detoxing effects of Flor•Essence Tea in your body?
A. – Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients, better elimination, more energy, better sleep, enhanced immune resistance, less internal bloating, decreased body and breath odor, smoother and more radiant facial skin, better general health so one will simply feel happier, better and much more natural. FlorEssence Tea delivers an internally clean feeling, a general feeling and a sense of wellbeing.

Q. – What is Health?
A. One definition of health is ‘the natural state.’ This requires one to understand that the DNA program governs physical health and has been refined over thousands and even millions of years to create perfect balanced life when not interfered with, and is dependent upon two things: 1) a cellular environment that is without toxins, including mental, emotional, electromagnetic, and physical pollution; and 2) a regular supply of light, oxygen, water, enzymes, food, and certain key, essential nutrients in proper amounts, correct ratios and bioavailable forms - all within a healthy, coherent, bioenergetic field. (Science has defined around 50 in the ‘essential nutrient’ group including 14 vitamins, 22 minerals, 2 essential fatty acids, 8-11 essential amino acids.)

Another definition of health is the efficiency of the cells' millions of activities. The more efficient the cells perform, the better one’s health is. (The same two requirements listed above apply.)

Q. – Of the many “detox” products now on the market, why is Flor•Essence Tea worthy of selection and use?
A. FlorEssence Tea users think of it as gentle, easy to take, safe, and effective detoxification herbal tea, originating with the tea’s use by the Ojibwa Medicine People, the MIdewiwan, who thought of it as a holy drink that purifies the body and aligns one with the Great Spirit. It has a very favorable reputation for at least a century of use, among those who have taken it. An English woman who used the tea successfully entrusted the secrets and benefits of the tea to Nurse Rene Caisse, who further developed and administered several variations clinically under doctors’ supervision. Even after her retirement, she collaborated with one of America’s most prestigious doctors of the time, Dr. Charles A. Brusch, who became her most trusted business partner. Together they worked to refine the formula, now known as FlorEssence Tea which is available to you and your loved ones today. FlorEssence Tea as it exists today is even more potent due to recent advances in quality control and enhanced extraction methods. It is considered effective by a large number of people in many countries around the world and is known as a gentle but thorough herbal detoxifier and also a great health enhancer.

Q. – Q. – Why should I select Flor•Essence Tea for detoxification?
A. Choose FlorEssence Tea for its years of use is recognized as the complete body detoxification program. As few as two toxic molecules in the vicinity of a living cell can cause cell or DNA molecular damage. Like tens of thousands of other people, your body can thrive and shine when it is detoxified all the way through to the cellular level and FlorEssence Tea gently helps the body’s natural systems perform more efficiently especially those involving cleansing action and proper cellular activity. Most cleanse products only offer a 'surface cleaning,' or help a few organs. In addition to FlorEssence Tea's safety and long history of beneficial use, it is one of the only products that is really a detoxification program, supporting the activity of the processing organs, emunctory organs, the immune system, the lymphatic system, all the way right through to the body's deeper cells.

So start to regain the natural state of health through the balancing and detoxifying effects obtained by daily drinking a mild but therapeutic tea. Restore and maintain your own precious health and that of your family and those closest to you.