Flor-Essence Tea Brewing Instructions
Straight forward Instructions for make Flor-Essence Tea!And the supplies needed for brewing perfection


Flor-Essence Tea Brewing Instructions It's EASY!

If you can boil water, you can make Flor-Essence Tea!

Each 2.2 oz. box of Flor-Essence Tea contains 3 packets.
Each packet makes approximately 1 quart of tea.
You can choose to brew one, two, or three of the packets’ contents each time.
Simply put, just boil clean water with the tea, allow the herbs to
concentrate in the water for several hours, then reheat the brew
again and pour the strained contents into a glass container(s).

Equipment/materials required for best results:
1.Use only non-fluoridated, non-chlorinated water.
Purified water or spring water is ideal.

2. Container:
Use a stainless steel, glass, porcelain or ceramic container,
with a lid of the same material.

Make sure the container does not contain lead.By using a taller pot,
more water is retained (less evaporation) during the brewing process.

a. A 2-qt. pot is enough to accommodate the contents of one packet;
b. A 3-qt. pot will handle two packets;
c. A 5-qt. pot will handle three or more packets.

3. One large stainless steel or bamboo spoon. Avoid all utensils
with cast iron, plastic, teflon, or other synthetic materials.
4. Strainer: a stainless steel fine meshes strainer or cheesecloth.

5. Measuring cup:
a 4-cup (1 quart) container is available at most kitchenware aisles in stores.
(These cups usually have a pour spout).

6. Glass storage containers:
one 32 oz. glass bottle for each packet you are brewing. Alternately, two 17 oz.
bottles (which are easier to handle) can be used for each packet. Dark or amber
glass is preferable but not necessary.

*Note: To sterilize glass containers, wash and rinse thoroughly; fill with hot water,
set upright or on a side in a larger pot of hot water and bring to a boil for at least 10 minutes.
The lids can be sterilized the same way. You can leave the bottles in the large pot
until you are ready to fill them with tea.

7. Optional:
cloth, extraction bags are convenient, sanitary, and reusable.
Use one cloth extraction bag for each packet.

Brewing directions without extraction bags:
1. Put 5-6 cups of water into the clean pot, cover with the lid, and boil the water.
2. When the water starts to boil, empty the herbs from the packet(s) into the water
carefully, stir, then cover with lid.

3. Turn the burner to high until the mixture boils, and then reduce to medium heat.
Allow the water and tea to boil for +/- 12 minutes.

4. Remove pot from heat, open the lid carefully & scrape any plant material
from the lid and sides back into the pot.

5. Recover with the lid and place the pot with contents on a kitchen counter for
“steeping” at room temperature for 10-12 hours.

6. Reheating:
after the tea is properly steeped, remove lid from the pot of Flor-Essence,
stir well, and place the pot on burner.Turn the heating element to high and watch the liquid.

7. When steam begins to rise from the entire liquid surface and the surface seems to be vibrating,
the tea has reached scalding temperature and is ready for straining.

8. Pour the liquid slowly and carefully through the strainer or cheesecloth into the measuring cup.
The strainer will fill up with mucilage and sediment. So set the pot down and use the spoon to
stir the sediment and/or press as much of it as is possible along with the liquid through the strainer.
(The fiber is beneficial.) Discard the remaining substance from the strainer.
Repeat the process until all the fluid has been strained.

9. Pour the strained tea into the sterilized glass storage bottles and cap tightly.

10. Mark the date of brewing on the bottles, place in refrigeration, and use within 90 days.