Flor Essence Tea Benefits

It is not possible for us to tell who will benefit the most outside of FlorEssence Tea. Everybody is different and responds to things individually. Depending on the harshness of the health challenge and problem, it is the responsibility of the consumer to take the tea properly for a sufficient length of time. Lifestyle, foods eaten, other medicines and professional therapies have taken, and of course the attitude and determination help with the response to the product as well.

Dr. Charles Brusch, MD who is Nurse Rene Caisse's partner and co-worker in research stated many times openly that the functions of the tea are mainly in cleansing toxins from the body gently and safely. T
he tea points out damage to the body boosts the immune system. This way all organs can function the way they are intended to.

The time changes as to when it will be that one notices a measurable difference in their health after starting on FlorEssence Tea. While many people notice benefits such as increased energy or relief from pain immediately, others may take longer to feel the effects. There are many factors involved, but usually, some benefits are noticed within three to six weeks, providing it is taken consistently and in sufficient quantity. There may be a short period when weakness or nausea may be felt in the beginning. This shows that the body's natural detoxification is starting to function more effectively, the body is discharging toxins and materials that may have been gathered for a period of time, and the cells and cell structure are getting rid of the waste and toxic accumulation faster than the organs are accustomed to. Through endurance and lowering the amount of tea used, this sensation will pass. The process of detoxification has started and needs to be carried on to completion.

There are several
positive signs when using FlorEssence Tea. Although everyone responds individually to FlorEssence Tea, the signs that have proven to be very encouraging are sleeping patterns may improve, as the tea is naturally calming. Bodily functions, such as elimination, may become normal. The pain level may reduce or disappear altogether. Another positive sign is that the appetite may improve because of the herbal bitters found in the tea which help to stimulate the taste buds. Your whole outlook on life may become more positive, giving a sense of well being. Energy may increase while you are going through the detoxifying process. Also, physiological test results may show improvement as the toxic load is reduced.

Making lifestyle changes is also helpful in the process of cleansing and help to keep a healthier biological environment. In keeping a natural and healthy diet, try to stay away from certain foods that may clog the body such as fried or processed foods. These foods contain sugars and other valueless carbohydrates that offer no nourishment. Eat lots of deeply colored raw or lightly cooked vegetables and herbs. Also fruits, raw nuts, seeds, sprouts, rice, and beans. Focus on foods with lots of nutrients and low in carbohydrates.

Make wise and sensible food choices, be smart. Eat good plain and wholesome foods. Choose organically grown, whole, raw, fresh foods and prepare them with little or no processing or cooking. Maintain the diet first, before moving to different foods.

Drink fresh vegetable juices or smoothies with low carbohydrate content. Add oils rich in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids to salads, smoothies, soups and vegetable dishes. This will enhance the taste of food and properly flush out toxins from the body.

Drink lots of pure, clean water. Be sure to get lots of rest and a sensible amount of exercise and fresh air. The most important point to remember is that each person is in charge of his or her own health and health choices, as is everyone on earth. No doctor with good intentions or otherwise helpful person knows what is going on in your body the way you do. It is your responsibility to learn what the signs and symptoms indicate and to learn to change negatives to positives with naturally available lifestyle choices, foods, beverages, and supplements.