Look, Feel and Sound Better!

Some encouraging ideas for a detoxification program.

You look better,
You feel better,
You sound better,
Because you are better!

Healthy cells in the body determine your overall health.
There are up to one hundred and ten trillion cells in the body.
Know and think about the fact that these cells need to be internally cleansed and purified regularly. Your body's natural systems do this throughout life but if toxins are accumulated faster than they are removed, a build-up occurs. Consciously directed, periodic detoxification programs like FlorEssence can help support your cell's purifying activity resulting in more efficient removal of accumulated toxins. That's why the tea is referred to as a deep-cell detoxification formula, because it truly is and that's the reality of what happens. Deep cell tissue cleansing through the body's natural cleansing action, that is what FlorEssence Tea directly supports. Period!
Cells are tiny, very tiny, and so is the toxic micro-material that suppresses them, and which needs to be removed.

What is clean?
Look at a small baby. Its new cells are clean and they even smell fresh and clean, because they are new, fresh and clean with no toxic material overload. Now take a look at Great Grandmother. Is she clean inside and out like that small baby. Of course not! The trillions of cells grandmother started with many years ago might not all be there. For one thing, she has lost the optimal functioning of many of her cells due to accumulated toxins and distressful activity from when she was younger. The remaining cells, depending on how grandmother has conducted here life, still function well if she has lived a healthful life, been physically active, eaten well, and cared for her body. Physical activity is a key to how well our cells perform because cellular respiration is improved with movement - they self clean to a great extent. Cells tend to become acidic and toxic from stagnation with a sedentary lifestyle.

Material toxic load reduction.
Material toxic load reduction by a proper cleanse with FlorEssence Tea is the real deal. Your body structure and function may improve noticeably: Stress reduction naturally follows; you're clean inside and out; and you are happy for this very reason.
But most people do not attribute the improvement to the cleansing they just completed; their thoughts are that it's just a good day and they have energy. But the good day turns into good weeks and in many cases good months. Once you're clean inside and out, all systems are 'go'!

You may need to slow things down.
Other very important aspects of detoxification and recuperation are rest, sleep, and distress reduction. We all deal with a certain amount of stress in our lives. It can keep us aware and active. Most people, who are ill, have too many stressors in their lives. They cannot sleep properly, because they cannot relax.
They often try to help too many others, forgetting that the only person, and the only body, they can help or be fully responsible for is their own. They might have a problem in saying 'no', when they are asked to take on more.

Selfish as it may sound, no other human being is as interested in helping you heal and get better than you yourself can be. If you have children and/or a spouse, relatives who rely on you, remember it is your duty, to take care of yourself. If this means others have to pitch in and do some of the work, then so be it.

Find or make the time to relax.
Give yourself permission to sleep in the daytime, if that is what your body needs. Sit down and smell the flowers. Rest on the beach, in the woods, on the grass, and just watch what is happening around you – in the trees, the grass, the waves, the clouds (Matthew 6: 25–34). Do not try to clean, fix, tidy, repair, do anything, even if it needs doing. All of that will still be there tomorrow, and can be dealt with then, or be done by someone else.

Above all else – avoid worry; learn to be calm, to rest, to be quiet, to listen, to do nothing – worry never changed anything. Another positive step you can take is to look at the other aspects of your life. We are more than just physical creations. We have other facets to our being. We are emotional creations, we have a mental side to our existence and we are above all else, Spiritual Beings.

Difficulties in any of these areas can have unwanted repercussions on our physical health. Some people look on a health challenge as a wakeup call to seriously change their way of living, look at their past and correct what can be corrected, ask forgiveness for what cannot, and extend forgiveness to others for harm they might have done. Resolving issues in these areas can make a big difference to your health. Think about it - you have the right to exercise your free choice. Saying, "No," is in many cases the best choice. And be happy with your choice.

You will feel better, you will look better, you will sound better, because you will get better.