How Flor Essence Tea Works

How FlorEssence Tea Works

1- Flor Essence Tea Cleanser and Detoxifier:
Flor•Essence Tea is a "CELLULAR" cleanser and detoxifier.
This means it supports the cleansing and detoxification of every single cell in your body; helping them to break down, and remove ALL cells that are foreign or not part of the body. One way it does this is by specifically modulating the immune system which has a variety of cells like macrophages, T-cells, B-cells, antibodies, and natural killer cells that effectively identify, target, and remove foreign cells (bacterial, viral, and fungal cells); mutated cells; toxic cells; as well as dead cells, and waste cellular or metabolic material.

Flor Essence Tea will support the body's natural cleansing, detoxification process, which if it were operating perfectly, would completely break down these unwanted substances, bringing them to where the body can get rid of them (the elimination organs) and help those organs eliminate substances that may have been inappropriately stored for years.

2- Why water is so important during detoxification:
This cleansing activity in conjunction with drinking lots of water helps our cells to function more efficiently. Every cell in the body needs rinsing, and therefore the cleansing qualities of pure water. Many toxins are water soluble; therefore water in abundance helps the cells eliminate metabolic waste materials that are produced during normal daily activity.

Insufficient consumption of pure, clean water allows waste material to accumulate to the point where normal functioning of the body is interfered with. Drinking enough water daily supports an aerobic, healthy cellular environment because waste material that blocks and pollutes, and could create an anaerobic, unhealthy environment, is rinsed (removed) from the cells and tissues.