Flor•Essence Brewing Instructions

For optimum effectiveness use a glass, porcelain, or ceramic container that has a lid of the same material. Make sure that the container does not contain lead, use non-fluoridated water only, and avoid teflon or other synthetic materials when brewing the tea.

  • Glass

Tempered glass, porcelain, ceramic or stainless steel "Soup Stock Pot".
These pots are tall enough to give the steam, that rising from the boiling liquid, enough room to recondense and fall back into the liquid again.

They come in various sizes:

  • 12 qt, big enough for the contents of one pouch to one box
  • 16 qt, big enough for brewing the contents of two boxes
  • 20 qt, needed for the brewing of more than two boxes at a time

2. Strainer
A good choice is the largest of a set of 3 sold together at Dollar stores. They can also be found in the kitchenware aisle at supermarkets. Mesh or stainless steel works fine.

3. Four cup measuring cup.
One type is glass, and all it is used for is as a receptacle for the strained hot liquid, before it is poured into the storage jars.

4. Storage jars.
Use 32 oz (1 liter) sized Mason, Bell or other brand home canning jars. You need 1 – 32oz jar for each pouch you are brewing. Or use two empty Flor•Essence liquid bottles. (17 oz. each) for each pouch you are brewing. (There are three pouches in each box of Flor•Essence dry tea.) Make sure the jars are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed when I start the brewing step. Sterilize the jars when you start the reheating step.


  • Put 5 cups or 1¼ liter of water into pot, add the herbs from one pouch, stir, cover with lid and put on stove burner. Turn burner to high and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and let boil for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Remove pot from stove, remove lid and scrape any plant material back into the liquid. Cover with lid and let sit on the kitchen counter for 12 hours. This is the steeping time.


  • Jar sterilization: Take clean storage jars, fill with hot water and put in a pot filled with hot water deep enough to cover the jar. The jar can be lying on its side, or standing up. Bring water and jar to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. Leave the jar in the hot water until you are ready to fill with the liquid Flor•Essence. The lid of the jar should be sterilized by putting in hot water too, but in a smaller pot.
  • Remove lid from pot of Flor•Essence, stir liquid, and place pot on burner without the lid. Turn burner to high, and keep an eye on the liquid. When you see steam rising from the whole surface and the surface seems to be vibrating, it has reached scalding and you can start straining it.
  • Place strainer on measuring cup, and start pouring all the liquid from the pot through it. As you get toward the bottom of the pot, you will get more sediment coming into your strainer, and it will plug up.
  • Take a stainless steel teaspoon, and stir the sediment in the strainer to get as much of the liquid to go through as possible. Obviously some of the finer sediment will go through at the same time. I just pour the liquid, sediment and all into the hot jar. Put the lid on the jar, tighten and let cool on kitchen counter.

Points about Flor Essence Tea
1. Flor•Essence tea must be kept in the refrigerator. It has no preservatives in it when you make it.
2. If your net result is less than 32 ozs, use a deeper pot, to give the steam room to recondense.
3. You do not have to shake the jar before you measure out the amount you are taking.
4. If your Flor•Essence is very thick, and mucilaginous, and has fine sediment suspended in it, dilute the amount you are taking with hot water, and stir. The viscosity will dissolve and the sediment will fall to the bottom of your glass.
5. Variations in color, thickness, and taste can be attributed to the different sources of the herbs, the water you are using, the altitude at which you live and other simple things.
6. Do NOT take the tea with anything other than water. NO sugar, or other additions at all.
7. Take the Flor•Essence ½ hour before eating or drinking anything else other than water, preferably before breakfast and dinner (supper). This is the easiest time for most people, no matter what time of the day you have these meals.
8. If you take too much Flor•Essence, you may experience excessive nausea, or diarrhea. Cut back to a previous level
9. You may experience a cleansing crisis after about 4 weeks, with flu like symptoms such as: fever, headaches, bone and muscle aches, sweating, slight nausea, or maybe some diarrhea. Drink lots of water to minimize these symptoms.

(A): Low maintenance/Tonic: Take 1-2 oz per day. Continue as long as desired.
(B): Cleansing and Detoxifying: Take 2 ozs twice daily. Continue as long as desired
(C): When health is compromised: Take 3 ozs twice daily.
(D): For situations that do not respond: (Challenging), Take 3 ozs 3 or even 4 times per day

Be very cautious when increasing the amounts for children. The numbers: (A,B,C, or D) refers to the levels listed under "adults"
2-12 YRS
(A): 1 TBSP per day, (B): 1 oz twice daily, (C): 1-2 ozs twice daily, (D): 2 ozs 3 times daily
(A): 1 tsp per day, (B): 2 tsp daily, (C): 1 TBSP twice daily, (D): 1 oz 3 times daily